Quelques grammes de finesse dans un monde de brut

Halleluya. I found a spanking video clip worth reposting. Yeah, I know I’m a bit of a snob. I don’t mean to be. I’m fine if amateur stuff is, well, amateurish. That’s charming. But when professional (for sale) work runs the dreary teacher, daddy, naughty schoolgirl or wife clichés over and over, well. Yawn.

Now contrast this, a real scene somehow one feels, with a crackling dialogue, not least because it contains meta-narrative — reflecting on the process during the process (but without spoiling it. In fact enhancing it with layers of mutual perception and irony and self-regard between the particpants). It’s a complete breath of fresh air.

Need I mention that he’s dressed to her equivalence (ref post on this), and gives somehow just perfectly weighted swats on her … totally, mesmerisingly delicious, I’ve-died-and-gone-to-heaven bottom. Of course, he will have to step it up a gear, but all in good time. One of the great things about this scene is that he has things just quietly simmering and could hold it there for a long, long time, letting tolerance and arousal build without forcing it. There’s a great confidence in being able to do that.

I have not the foggiest who these people are (are they famous?) nor if there is a longer version of this clip and where it is to be had. My ignorance, not sure if this is good or bad! Judging by the views at Dailymotion it’s been around at least three years. I’d appreciate knowing.

7 Responses to Quelques grammes de finesse dans un monde de brut

  1. My goodness. It’s cute, really, although being such a wimp myself there is no way I could carry on a pleasant conversation while having my bottom reddened like that. I’d be yelping from the very first whack, and whimpering at the least by the end.

  2. Rent Party says:

    Yes. Too red, but — at least not commercial.

    I have a question. Why is there never cunnilungus in these videos. To me it is one of the ultimate submissive acts. Fucking and giving head aren’t, they take assertiveness, if you ask me. Yet spanking + cunnilungus, alternating (ideally several times) take me to the ultimate subspace — is it only me?

  3. rugen says:

    It’s from a clip called Office Angel on Northern Spanking, the actors are Syra Garcia and Nick Nightingale

  4. Suzanne :-) says:

    thank you for sharing this… the movie and the words around it…

  5. ernesto says:

    This isn’t a good scenr to understand the value of spanking!. People need and crave spanking to change their lives, not just to have fun! If this element of “moral improvement” is lacking, the spanking becomes evil in its motivation and intent!

  6. Femsup says:

    I think its delightful.She sounds very intelligent and is happyly being spanked.There is a real rapore between the two.

  7. Joshua Smith says:

    I LOVE the big smile on her face during the experience. It puts a smile on my face watching it! =D

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