Love-hate relationship with the belt, cont.

It’s very common and understandable that spankees have a love/hate relationship with the instruments of their persuasion. What’s less fully articulated is spankers’ ambiguities towards their implements. In my ongoing quest to interrogate the mind of a Top – for myself most of all – I offer a thought or two about the belt.

First let me say that I’m set thinking on this by a great blog “This is How it Feels” by Poppy St Vincent, where she reposts the following (Real Spankings) picture and says:

“This is how it feels when he takes his belt off and you know he is going to use it on your bottom. It is a very scary feeling and it makes you want to curl up but you also want a cuddle and to sit on his lap but the problem is that half of you wants to run away for miles and miles and miles and the other half wants to reach for his strong arms and snuggle down in them so tight that no one other than him will ever even know where you are.”

It is a great picture! (For my taste I find Real Spankings a bit “obvious”. Yes, high on production values, but low on originality or insight. From what I’ve seen, from a distance, over the years it’s always a bit like a high school production — good technique, yet limited in mind and therefore somehow always pedestrian.) But, anyway, the point is that this picture escapes that. The push-pull of her emotions is uniquely captured.

Here’s the good and bad of the belt for me. The bad is in the ‘I’m-gonna-tan-yer-hide’-belt-removal which is inescapably (possibly in every culture!) associated with low-life scum. The image conjures the dumb swine with a beer in one hand and a fag in one other, stomach flopping out his shirt, who whose first resort to the problem of his crumbling authority is to yank his belt from it loops.

Each to his/her own – but, personally, this is an image I run from.

The good in the belt is that it is a great implement. It has the advantage of being part of the everyday rather than bespoke “kinky ware.” Also, assuming it is wide enough, it also provides a great whack at relatively little bottom damage. I find with a belt I can give a good, hot, bottom-thrashing, while knowing she’s actually … really… fine.

4 Responses to Love-hate relationship with the belt, cont.

  1. doll says:

    The look on the models face is one I give when I am being introduced to something new but with one exception…..the belt. I wanted to feel it so much that even the first time I had a look of joyful expectation. I love the sound of the buckle clinking and the implication of what is to follow.

    When I got the opportunity to wield one myself I quickly became converted with the wonderful sound of the leather slapping onto a pert bottom.

  2. amasterandhissub says:

    we really like your blog and we’d love to link it to our favorites, is it okay for you?
    Hoping to hear from you soon,

  3. Kelly Piatt says:

    Some of us don’t have that “low-life scum” perception. Personally, the sound of a belt being unbuckled, and that swish of leather through the loops, is highly erotic. To my subconcious it means fun times.

  4. A-Non says:

    There is just something about his hands unbuckling the belt in that picture. And I seem to respond in the same way to other pics taken at just that same moment. There is something about recognizing and knowing his resolve at that point. The certainty. “You are going to get a spanking now, with my belt.” The die is cast and nothing will change the outcome now. He’s looking at you, thinking of how you will be positioned. The loneliness of taking a belt spanking while leaning on a bed or over the arm of the sofa. Oh, this pic just says so much to me….

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