All dressed up and one more thing to do

This picture* puts me in mind of one of my enduring favourites authority-lifestyle situations.

It goes like this: we are about to go out to a dinner party, or the opera, or somewhere nice. We’re both dresssed up. Just before we depart, she brings me the cane or paddle and readies herself — just like in the picture — for a crisp spanking.

It happens over the dress. Not a heavy session. Stiff enough for her to notice it all evening, but at the same time something she can well absorb without falling out of her hair-do or smudging her makeup. (Ed note: I don’t like heavy makeup.) Then we’re out the door.

Why at this exact moment? She’s looking glamorous, wearing something alluring. I find women particularly attractive in evening dress, doubly-so at the beginning of an evening when anticipation is running high. But there’s more. At this moment we stand at the threshold of the private-public divide. Once out there she’s her own woman in every way and I support that. In anticipation, this little moment is a grounding — a reminder of who she is in other ways, what her enduring structures are.

It’s erotic that, as we go about our evening, she has red stripes on her bottom that only the two of us know about. Our secret is so deliciously … near. And yes, I wouldn’t resist a subtle swat now and then to restoke the fire.

(* picture is from Girl’s Boarding School, free included in its ubiquitous wall-to-wall marketing.)

4 Responses to All dressed up and one more thing to do

  1. BabyMan says:

    Absolutely! I find that the described “procedure” cranks up the voltage in our public interactions and raises anticipation for our later return to more private affairs.

  2. Serenity says:

    Works well for less formal occassions as well!

  3. miss c says:

    My husband/Dom, ASH, and I were just talking about this. I asked him to think of some way he can help me remember my private place while out in the public world. We are beginning a 24/7 relationship that can not be shared with family, friends and work, so I wanted some reminder of what our life is together, to assist with my proper attitude.

    I so love the feeling of the remnants of a spanking and this would truly be a reminder that would center me.

  4. For me it is a very sophisticated spanking photo. Because it depicts the beginning of a most erotic corporal punishment. The gentleman after an evening out with his wife, was repremanding her for her uncalled behavior at a party they both attended. Which resulted for her to present her bottom. After a few swats on the dress with this cane, he raised her dress waist high, pulled down her panties, and walloped her bare bottom most painfully with this pliable stinging implement. The scene to his eyes only, was even further enhansed eroticly , because she was wearing garter-belt and stockings.

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