Spanking is sometimes a figure/ground study for me

Here’s a picture. It comes from (of course) the one and only Red Charls. Who else dramatises and photgraphs the D/s experience so expertly?

I have a complicated relationship with this image. (Therein I call it art.) I look at it one way and I see a defensless, nude woman under the rod of oppression. Then I look at it again and I see a perfect alignment of wills, a deep yearning for discipline, a most caring hand of authority.

One way; then the other way. Back and forward. My ambivalence, of course. My struggle with all this.

This is just like the figure / ground studies we all know. Look at this picture. Do you see the vase or do you see the faces? Vase. Faces. Vase. Faces. Back and forth.

What am I saying (other than the banal, how we look at things affects what we see)?

I suppose I’m really conscious of how “so-very-right” and “so-very-wrong” are remarkably two sides of the same coin, and how it is quite hard to get that coin to reliably land right side up. It’s not just a question of seeing the postive. It is about putting the positive there for all to see.

4 Responses to Spanking is sometimes a figure/ground study for me

  1. amicablesettlement says:

    Hiya Art 🙂
    That is so true. I think that is the balance, the yin for the yang. You can’t have one without the other, but yet there are still two sides. That’s deep.

  2. doll says:

    I imagine that is exactly how I look when I am bent over and expectantly waiting for the impact of which ever spanking tool Master chooses to use.

  3. Aisha says:


    I appreciate your recognition of the dichotomy here, and like the perspective you take. As a feminist, as someone who works to empower sexual abuse survivors and facilitate their healing process, it amazes me that I also readily lie across the bed with my panties down so my Sir can use His belt on me. I’m still struggling to articulate why and how that works for me, and the “vases” is such a good starting place.

    Interestingly, I use a similar picture sometimes with abuse survivors in helping them understand that they can still love someone who harmed them – not in a D/s way, but real harm.

    I really like your blog. Thanks!

  4. Rent Party says:

    OK so this blog makes me wet. I have linked to it in such a way as only I can see that. It is like — being out in public with no panties, except that only I and a certain person know that and know that something smarts.

    In reality I ache now but it is from working out. If a certain sensation to the skin could be added, and a certain memory and also anticipation as well, then I’d be set. Alas and alack.

    Anyway, after working out I swam some laps and then, lying by the pool, went into an erotic reverie. I would enjoy typing it all out now except (a) I am lazy and it is late, (b) I have other things to do, and (c) someone I remember and imagine would say that 1. I should do the things mentioned in (b) and also 2. I should not reveal our secrets or for reasons 1. and 2. I could get the kind of spanking I do not want.

    Therefore, to stay on point: this picture came into my reverie and it is gorgeous. Yet it will be repellent when bruises and welts appear. From the point of view of the spanker the welts could be artistic but I am not that much into pain and also so much damage is suffering and, furthermore, in the best of times I get spanked a lot and we stay in an erotic haze all the time and so that much damage is impractical.

    Over and out. I have more to say, however, and I may say it at some later time.

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