The hairbrush, just the thing for a knotty girl

That headline is a lousy pun and I only allow myself  to use it because it captures how I see the hairbrush: as metaphor.

A hairbrush – a good, large size, hard wood hairbrush – is the perfect spanking implement not just because it makes the bottom wriggle and squirm, and sizzle like a flapjack, but because it embodies metaphor of alignment and control.

Turn it one side and you have the bristles, for combing out knots and tangles. Sometimes you have to be quite brisk, with long, firm strokes, to master the tresses. It makes the hair shine. Unbrushed hair is … dull.

Turn it the other way and you have the flat side, for combing out knots in the whole girl. Sometimes you have to be quite brisk, with long, firm strokes, to manage the tangles of insubordination. You brush out the nautiness and haughtiness. It realigns her. It makes her shine.

It’s perfect.

7 Responses to The hairbrush, just the thing for a knotty girl

  1. BabyMan says:

    Excellent headline. Excellent metaphor. I used a hairbrush for the first time yesterday. A test run. Even light taps had my SugarAnne squirming and squiggling. It’s short handle makes it perfert for otk positions. It definitely has a future – if she doesn’t behave. I knicknamed it “heatstroke”.

  2. Very good metaphor. I love the VIEW of the hairbrush. A difficult (can be very painful) & powerfull instrument.

  3. doll says:

    My hairbrush has cleverly hidden itself down behind the washing machine……what a wonderful relief 😉

  4. I have fond memories of a night involving my hairbrush! What an overwhelming, amazing experience! That night took my relationship with Thirty to an entirely new level. I even had to write about it in my blog entry “Intensity.” So wonderful…

    Thank you for such great insight!

  5. suzeemoon says:

    I love my hairbrush so much I have one upstairs and one down! Nicely thuddy…
    I think I have different ‘take’ on life and spanking, but just discovered a link to my blog here, so thank you.

  6. sixofthebest says:

    What you feel about the hairbrush, is what I feel about using a cane on a naughty woman’s bare bottom. It feels good, and what feels good to a man, man her applys the spanking implement of his choice, he does a better job of painfully warming that voluptous bare bottom of hers. So be it hairbrush, or cane, let the woman feel pain.

  7. suzeemoon says:

    Knowing the person at other end of hand or implement is enjoying the experience carries its own buzz and intensifies the encounter.

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