What a girl wants

Because of my just-no-time-for-tv life, I have no idea what ‘Glee’ is or who this particular character is. (As a media junkie of a sort, that feels weird.) But I had to smile at this little piece of deadpan double-entendre, which gives me hope that are still a few real minds at work, gnawing away at the margins, pushing back the puritan disneyfication of our screens.

Alas, no, I don’t know what happened next. Would be happy to be filled in … 😉

I picked this up on the gloriously titled blog: ‘A rambling editorial on life as a grown-up. a mother and a submissive wife: Life at a Kinky House

4 Responses to What a girl wants

  1. Yes ! Suggestive ! I like it.

  2. Ah, thanks!

    As I understand it, Glee only premiered in the UK Monday night. In the US, however, the first season of the show ended in December. This clip is from episode #8. The show is about life in an American high school, particularly for teenagers who are members of the Glee Club / show choir, as well as the football team and cheerleaders and their respective coaches.

    I did not watch the show while it was airing, and actually do not know what immediately followed this clip. However, later the girl (Rachel) refuses to sex with the guitar player (ingloriously named Puck) because (in completely normal teenage logic) he didn’t have the guts to get up in front of his classmates and sing a solo. Thus, he must not have what would be required for managing her either – a “self-admitted high-maintenance” female.


  3. cutesypah says:

    I love this show!!

    go to fox tv and see all the episodes. if you’ve ever been a outcast, and lord knows we all have at some time, you’ll really like this. and the cast voices are amazing!

  4. tim says:

    this vid hs been pulled .

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