Mesmerised by Red Charls

I was introduced to a site called Red Charls “site amateur, gratuit” by a correspondent who popped up in my email inbox with the most enticing review, waxing lyrical and far too deliciously not to quote a bit – see below.

I see spanking and DD as essentially theatre of the mind, and I’m generally more pleased by a good story than a picture. But these photos are really something. On the downside, Charls’ spanking section is merely one tranche on a site that does rope and candlewax and other (to me) mere clutter. And it’s very “Euro-noir” in overal ambiance. Yawn. But there is real art here.



First, the photographer, whoever he or she is, is a genius. The pictures are not just pleasingly polished, clear, well composed, beautifully lit, colour-balanced and so on, but they also breathtakingly feel the ‘motion’ of spanking. The swing, the strike, the squirm, it’s all humanity-in-motion and it’s all captured. The pictures also seek out other things that are hard to express: firmness of purpose, gentleness of intent, totality of submission, and so on. It’s a pure an evocation of masculinity / femininity, utterly different in aspect, dress and role, colliding with a desire that leaps off the page. To me it is just smokin’.

Another perspective – what my correspondent (who’s name I’ll withhold, but who identifies herself as a straight female from New England) had to say:

ss-rc-gg1 “Her hair is gorgeous and I like that it’s left flowing behind her. I like the simplicity of the bindings- just what appears to be soft green rope. Her positioning is again, simple, but perfect- leaning forward throughout, with her back arched and bottom pushed back pleasingly (photo 11 is stunning in this regard). She’s in simple heels, nothing too showy. There are about 33 photos in this series featuring this same girl/same scene, and the beauty of that is you can really see her going through it all, from panties on, then being pulled down slightly, and her bottom being completely white, to them finally settling where they are in these photos- acting as a bit of a binding in themselves – preventing her from opening her legs wider, all the way to her bottom being rendered bright red…

“I like the implement too, which is simple as can be, the man’s arm which is shown to be veiny and muscular, and the strength that that implies. But I have to say the thing that captivates me the most is the markings. #13 in particular, is the one I find myself staring at. The markings are so obviously real, and freshly received, all the way from that beautiful curve of her lower back- how you can see the imprint of the stitching in the leather and that it’s higher up on the right since he’s on her left & is using his right hand, the redness across her cheeks, which in this photo is in the midst of being walloped in double whammy fashion, down to her upper things- particularly her upper inner thighs, and then, of course, those panties again, just below it all. Am I crazy for finding this breathtakingly hot?”

6 Responses to Mesmerised by Red Charls

  1. I agree with you that the photos are quite lovely, erotic, and HOT!


  2. Doonstar says:

    I discovered red charles a while ago on the site – hard to use but ,as with

    For some reason French spanking blogs seem classier than their Uk counterparts

  3. Dave says:

    the spanking photos from Red Charls don’t do all that much for me, I must admit. Just don’t find what I”ve seen so far all that intriguing and erotic, in my humble opinion 🙂


  4. cultivateddiscipline says:

    Yes, I discovered this blog quite a while ago. THESE are the photos that move me. Erotic, classy, not demeaning, not with gratuitous exposure, not full of foolish trumped up circumstance. Adults for adults I guess.


  5. Miss Jules says:

    Wow. Those are truly gorgeous.. they cause the impulse to try to transform them into drawings. Think I will start doing so once my printer works again.

  6. A-Non says:

    I have spent many hours looking through the beautiful photos on the red.charls website. They are truly amazing. Some are too harsh, some are too “out there” (candles in bums??), but some are just simply “right on”. If I could find my faves right now I’d post the links. But each person will have to explore and find the ones that most speak to him/her.

    If I may, I’d like to recommend that you peruse the photos while chatting (in person or online) with your dominating or submitting partner. Much can be learned by a simple comment such as, ‘That looks too harsh” or “That looks really hot”.

    You are correct in that the way that the photos capture the “motion” of a spank and a reaction is just amazing. I’d love to know more about both the photographer and the participants. (I hate to say “models”. These girls are getting the real deal here.)

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