Strongly caring and caring strongly

I hesitate to post this picture* because it is a bit “showy”, but there is something about it that really speaks to me. I think it is the interplay of hands – the suggestion of control given and control taken – that lifts it to being a really fine photograph. To me it’s about bonding. With his left there is the bond of holding-hands, with his (implied) right there is the bond of firm hand-to-bottom. Strongly caring and caring strongly. Mmmm. Perfect.


* Picture: Jflamewalker

7 Responses to Strongly caring and caring strongly

  1. robin says:

    Great picture! I agree about the bonding. My former partner would quite often hold my hand when he spanked me and it gave me a really strong sense of connection with him.

  2. Lost kitten says:

    i think its a beautiful image Sir. its wonderfully inspiring.

  3. Jflamewalker says:

    That pic brought back a memory.
    A while ago…oooo back in feb i think…I posted a pic of my butt on my blog.
    I didnt realise untill a few days later that it revealed rather more than i had intended it to. I left it up though.
    You have some lovely pics here and your topics are very thought provoking.

  4. Junior Smith says:

    Very nice picture. I am happily married to a wonderful gal who spanks me or canes me about once per week. Junior

  5. Doonstar says:

    She wants him to hold her, partly because she knows she’s not very good at staying in position once her cheeks begin to burn, but also because it makes her complicit with the punishment without overtly requesting it. The token kicking may imply “no”, the prominently proffered posterior and held hands reveal a more complex sexual interaction

  6. Dave says:

    Love your taste! this is a Classic photo for sure. The look on her face. the exposed ‘naughty bits.’ the hand holding her hand.


  7. cultivateddiscipline says:

    Holding hands always makes me feel as if I am not alone,,,even when his other hand is wearing me out,,,,:)

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