Spanking marks and the workings of identification

spanking-caning So I was setting up a few links to blogs and sites I find compatible (please link!) and I came across an interesting short post “Marks” by Cyndi at Her Secret Corner.

Cyndi says: “I don’t know why it is, but I’m turned on by marks. An overall red bottom is good, but discernible marks are where it’s really at for me. Of course, I’m only into dd scenarios, so I think it has something to do with the idea of power and control.”

I have to confess too that I find marks very attractive – good marks, like in this picture. Not brutal marks. (The boss must never loose control.)

So what’s going on? Let’s first say that marks mean a certain level of spanking impact, and with a stiff implement – cane, crop, brush, etc. So marks mean he has, literally, “made an impact” and that impact will be lasting. Let’s say he crops her and leaves good, warm marks, red and raised, and then takes her out to dinner. He knows and she knows, and he knows she knows, that she has those marks under her skirt. It lenthens the spanking’s impact, allowing it to linger. Mmmm. Who could wait to get home?

Also, with marks on her bottom, she inevitably carries the spanking – the alignment with her authority figure – into the everyday. Next day, let say she goes off to work, or to a party. She secretly carries her consciousness of his power everywhere she goes. That’s attractive.

Also, marks are strong “markers” (literally) of identification in every society. In traditional societies people paint their faces, pierce their skin, and so on, to show affiliation with the group. In modern societies people identify themselves with sporting teams by painting team colours on their faces and bodies at matches. Some tatoos are strong markers of couple or group identification.

In this same way, her marks are proof of identification with him, his authority and discipline, and the spanking process. They should fade soon of course (play safe!) all the better to be renewed frequently and vigorously.

4 Responses to Spanking marks and the workings of identification

  1. livingdd says:

    I totally agree, K always feels bad when he leaves bruises after a punishment, but I tell him not to worry about it, it was punishment after all! They fade but I enjoy looking at them while they are there. They make me proud that he was able to be strong and take care of business even though he knows it will hurt and leave marks. The temporary pain of punishment is nothing compared to the permanent pain of a bad marriage.

  2. Constance says:

    Mr. C. does not use implements to discipline me, other than his own imposing hand, so there are not ‘marks’ per se, but I do sometimes bruise. He always says ‘Poor little love’ and I pout, but the truth is that those bruises are in fact a sort of mark of his ownership, and my submission, and as such, I like them.

  3. Casey Morgan says:

    Everyone knows the best part of getting the cane is showing off the marks in the changing room/dorm afterwards. You’ve had your passport stamped.

  4. hersecretcorner says:

    Hey there!

    I just came across this post– catching up on some reading after being away for a while.

    Thanks for the feedback on my post; it’s always nice to know I set off someone else’s thoughts!

    Marks to me (between a committed couple) are almost the equivalant of a wedding ring– only no one else gets to see them!

    Congrats on the blog, it looks great.

    (Her Secret Corner)

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