The tango is spanking, is it not?

tango-spank1There’s an old adage: “Dance is a vertical form of a horizontal desire.” If that’s true, and I believe it is, then the tango is spanking standing up.

Why? For a start it is not cute, not shmaltzy, not for wimps. It’s spicey, edgy (in the “screw the roses, send me the thorns” kind of way). It’s crisp. And I do believe a good spanking is crisp and clear in intent and action. Certainly never languid or floppy.

The essence of the tango step, the famous “A Frame,” (heads together, legs apart) speaks to a certain distance and mystery. It’s not about being cuddly, at least not until a lot of other stuff has happened.

It is all about the play of power. The woman in the tango is an incredibly strong figure – not an ounce of weakness there. But she is choosing to be absolutely led. To use his strength, not fight it. If he knows what he’s doing, and he has her trust and full attention, he doesn’t need to force. He leads. It’s all about supporting and guiding, providing structure for her to lean on and bounce off.

And she’s naughty, just a bit. She’s wickedly close, then retreats. Then she gets her feet in the way of his, almost tripping him up. Like her dress, she’s there and not there. Teasing, treading a fine line…

Do this behind closed doors, with a couple of Martini’s, and it can only end up one way. Otk.

Am I talking rubbish? Is this just my fantastical spin, or is it all there, plain as day? Watch this video, tell me I’m wrong…

8 Responses to The tango is spanking, is it not?

  1. Casey Morgan says:

    Very nice. This really makes me want to learn to tango! Also makes me want to learn to dance again, but to follow properly.

  2. suzeemoon says:

    Excellent post. The tango is a marvellously sexy dance. I hate the style of ‘bratting’ that consists of water pistols, tied shoelaces and thrown cushions – I much prefer the sassiness of Katharine Hepburn type characters, but now intrigued by idea of the tango as higher level teasing.

  3. A.S.S. says:

    Found your blog thanks to Bonnie at My Bottom Smarts… have enjoyed looking around and we’ll be back.

    Todd and Suzy

  4. livingdd says:

    Just came across your blog. I really like the thoughtful, intellectual approach. I look forward to continuing to see your views. They seem to be very worth reading. BTW, you are dead on about the tango.

  5. sixofthebest says:

    If ‘Evita Peron’ of Argentina fame, had been corporally punishment by her husband, upon their wedding night, that certainly would have been a sexual tango of love. One can imagine her being bent over the bridal bed, her wedding gown raised to her waist, her knickers, panties, or bloomers that she wore taken down to her ankles, and wearing just garter-belt and stockings, caned most painfully on her bare bottom. That’s a tango beat, I would have most enjoyed.

  6. MarQe says:

    So, now I know why I have adored The Tango for so long !!!!

  7. sixofthebest says:

    I hope the Govenor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford, gave his sweetheart Maria, a good spanking on her bare bottom in Argentina, for causing his problems to be known. And after returning to U.S.A. he should also spank the bare bottom of his wife Jenny, that she had better stand by her man.

  8. Joy says:

    Beautiful. I like this one even better – Tango on Ice
    (Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean)

    You even get glimpses of her (skating costume) panty clad bottom.

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