The visual and the tactile in the spanking position


For fear of falling into a terrible cliché, I do think there is much in the old truism that male erotics is visual. We respond to pictures. Not all pictures, for sure (what’s the merit in the gynaecological, I ask myself?) But the image is a big part of the erotic. For women, apparently – and I’m very happy to hear thoughts on this – the touch, the tactile is the bigger part.

I think this plays out hugely in spanking. There is a huge payload in seeing the submissive in submissive position. Can be various positions, to taste, but we know what we’re talking about. See picture alongside (I think it was a Girls Boarding School pic, but I don’t exactly remember. I’m not a member. Not a member of any pay site, but that’s for another post).

Point is there is much attraction in seeing the submissive in position. What is it saying? Could it be: “I am here, lifting my bottom to you. It’s yours to take, to spank, as you see fit.”

Now, she may actually thinking “where did I put my cell phone?” but the point is the picture, the visual field, is erotic. If you spank the bottom and she remains in position, all the better. But there’s little tactile attraction other than a heated-up hand, and none at all if one uses an implement.

Thinking what it must be like from the other side, there’s no visual field for this woman. All she sees is the bed’s headboard. If OTK, all she would see is the floor. The erotic must be in the revealing, in the making self available. And then of course in the touch, which will come, which may be a pat or some very telling swats, as he chooses.

3 Responses to The visual and the tactile in the spanking position

  1. Constance says:

    My lover and I have had a similar conversation, with regards to lights on or lights off. I’m sure some people think of ‘lights off’ as being indicative of shame, but for me, I lke the dark because I find that by eliminating the visual, my other senses are heightened. He, precisely because he is so stimulated by the visual, wants lights on. One compromise (when he’s in the mood to indulge me, of course!)….lights on, and I wear a blindfold.

  2. elisspeaks says:

    Many women, me for sure, live in our heads a lot. I hope my husband liked what he sees but I love what I seen in my mind – his stern look, our array of impliments, him removing his belt – and that is all with my eyes closed. I love wearing a blindfold too. Then we may be in a castle, the woods or in a room full of people. That’s always a better visual that noticing that the floor needs sweeping! LOL


  3. MarQe says:

    You have many interesting viewpoints on your blog and you say well what I suspect many of us Spanko males have thought. This is a fine example of the female submissive offering up her bottom for punishment! There is also the very exciting thought that she is exhibiting obedience, her Master has told her to take up the position. Nice blog BTW !!

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